Sunday, January 24, 2010

end of a weekend....

and I have to say that I am glad to see some parts of the weekend come to an end!!!

Really it all started on Thursday when I got a call from Conner at school telling me he was not feeling well... so off to school I went! We got home with him and he was on the couch the rest of the day. Actually he fell asleep Thursday night about 10pm and slept until 1pm on Friday. WOW!

as soon as I got home from picking Conner up from school, I got a text from Chris who was at work saying that he was sick and that he was probably going to come home soon... and he did!! He walked through the door and off to bed he went.

We have 5 people in the house.... so that is 2 down.. so far...

Well 3 down really, Kennedi had been acting funny for a day or two and it would show in her diapers... ICK!!

I was feeling great... well until about midnight when it all hit me too.... it was not fun at all.. I thought I was going to die! I do not ever remember being that sick.

So... Friday morning I got Avery up for school since he was the only one not sick (and I really hope that he doesn't get it) and off he went. Poor kid got up, dressed, got his own breakfast and got himself out to the bus. He was wonderful!!

Then since we were all feeling bad I called Grandma to see if she wanted to keep her youngest grandchild for a little while.... hmmm nope... they were also hit with the bug. Wow what are those chances?? Crazy weekend!!

Of course this weekend we were supposed to celebrate Avery's 13th birthday and we had planned on taking him to Mid Evil times.... We were all so excited but had to postpone it until we were all feeling a lot better. I feel so bad!! We will have to make sure we get into the Lego Store while we are up at Mid Evil times.... only a few weeks and we are going.

I did not take any pictures this weekend. I figured that no one wanted to see what was going on in our house.. ha ha... Hope this week ends up being a lot healthier!!

That is how the weekend went. Today we finally all felt a lot better, well except for Kennedi, she is still having her dose of it. I hope it ends for her soon. I really am getting sick from changing her crib sheets every time she wakes up!


Nancy said...

I hope everyone is healthy and feeling better soon!

Kristin said...

Not a fun weekend, for sure. Hope everyone is back to normal now!