Tuesday, February 9, 2010

18 month check....

Kennedi and I went to the pediatrician yesterday morning for her 18 month check. Chris had to miss it because of work. This is the 1st appointment Chris has missed and I think it really bothered him.

She has a great memory. She has not been there since her 15 month check and as soon as she saw the nurse she grabbed on to me. I guess she knew then that she would be getting shots!

She got 2 shots and was a little trooper... of course she screamed and screamed but it did not last long. The best part is that she is done with her shots until her 4th birthday!! YAY!!

I do not remember exactly her stats but...
Length was 33in
weight was 23 lbs

The weight was not very accurate because of her freaking out at the site on the nurse. She was trying to get off the scale the whole time she was on it!

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