Friday, February 12, 2010

As I sit and wait for snow...

Ahh gotta love the south. We had the threat of snow for today. It was actually supposed to start by 9am... then they said 10am... then they said noon... guess what??? We have not seen a flurry!! Nope, nothing... and on top of it all, because of the "threat" of snow, they canceled school for today. Yup that is correct, no school and no snow!

So as i sit here in my kitchen, looking out the window and waiting patiently not so patiently for the snow I thought I would jot down some things that took place this week!

I think I mentioned this but I need to do it again...

CONNER MADE THE 9th GRADE BASEBALL TEAM!! I am so happy for him. I have to admit that I was a little worried. Many of these kids have played on travel teams that were very serious about baseball. Conner has always played in the local rec league coached by dads. I cant wait to see how he progresses with the coaching that he will now have!

Avery, well Ave is struggling in school at the moment. It is nothing that he cant correct but I think 7th grade is a challenge. We were supposed to have a conference with two of his teachers today but due to the cancellation of school (because of this threat of a blizzardan inch of snow) we did not have it. But Avery knows what he needs to do and he is getting it done!

Kennedi, she continues to be a mess. Stepping into those terrible two's and I am hoping stepping out quickly. I bought her a potty this week and was hoping that she would sit on it and just get used to the idea of having one. I do not expect the potty training thing to start for awhile. She is funny when she wants to "go potty". She will sign the potty sign to me and we head into the bathroom where she proceeds to take off ALL HER CLOTHES. Yup, she wants to be naked when she sits on the potty. Ugh what a chore!!

The other day I was sitting in there with her (no I was not on the potty but the floor) and I went upstairs to get a new diaper. When I left she had a red face so I figured she was messing with me. When I came back down she had used the potty!! I was so proud of her. She looked into it and saw what she did and got scared. Once she saw Conner and me clapping for her she got this look on her face of accomplishment. It was so cute.

I told Conner to get my phone and his exact words were, "mom, you are not going to take a picture of that"....

um.. of course I am, if I don't send it to Chris he would never believe that she pooped on the potty!! DUH! Don't worry, I am not posting the picture on here.

Since then, nothing but stripping down and sitting on the potty.

On a sad note, one of our dogs is not doing so well. Poor boy is only 6 but has never been very healthy. He is not able to stand up by himself in the mornings and spends most of the day laying there. I hate to look at his deep brown eyes and try to figure out what they are telling me. I am hoping that one morning I am going to go downstairs to let them out and he is going to pop up like he used to but I am not sure it is going to happen.

Ahh what a week it has been!!

Hopefully I will have some pictures later, I sure would like to see Kennedi play in a little bit of snow!!

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