Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sports and School.... and SUMMER!!

I am a little bummed right now, baseball is coming to an end. The high school season is over on Saturday after the boys double header. I have really enjoyed watching Conner (well the whole team really) play this season. I wish it was a longer season but I know that next year on JV and then after that on Varsity it goes longer.

Conner had a workout last night with one of the travel teams here. I guess the downtime will not be too long before he starts with baseball again. He was accepted to play on the travel team and will only have a month off before starting over with summer ball. We are new to all the travel baseball team stuff but I am excited for him to keep playing. He grew up only playing rec ball. I wish we started him in travel ball a lot earlier but we didn't and all I can do is learn for when the girls are involved in sports. It is so competitive down here (most sports are) that the kids really need to play at a high level earlier.

But anyway, he is on to travel ball this summer. I need to call and get all the details on it but I do know that most weekends will be spent on the ball field. That will be fun once July hits and I have a toddler and a newborn out there watching big brother play. I told Conner that I may miss a tournament but my goal is to only miss that first one after the baby is born.

Ahh summer ball means summer is almost here. We have less than 9 weeks left of school. I CAN'T WAIT!!! It has been a rough year since Christmas break (with Avery). I was up at school yesterday with an impromptu meeting but it was actually a great meeting and I really think he is on course to end the school year on the right foot. He is so smart and such a little boy! He was so relaxed going to school this morning and that has not happened much the past few months.

Tonight is a lacrosse game for Avery but unfortunately he is at his dads house and they will not let him play. It is supposed to rain/thunderstorm here today and I am hoping it is going to so that Avery doesn't have to miss his game. Well I want it to rain for both Avery and my sinuses. I can't wait to see him on the lacrosse field next week at his game. He is excited about getting out there!

Well I guess that is all for now... wanted to update on the week and I am sure I will update again this weekend after the last baseball game!! SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!

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