Saturday, April 3, 2010


Ahhh Avery, my last son, my middle child.... This one's for you!!!

This past Thursday was week 4 of Lacrosse games but the 1st one that Ave played in. Week 1 and 3 were rained out and week 2 was not such a good week for Avery. I did not let him play in that game because he got in trouble in school.

Yes.... I know.... those of you that know Avery in "real life" are shocked!! I was too!! I mean, my perfect, little, timid, shy, son...... in trouble at school???? NO WAY!!!

Ok so really... I am shocked this was the first time he was ever written up.... he is in 7th grade... he made it this far?! But he did get in trouble so no lacrosse on week 2.

Ahh week 4 and all is good!! Well the outcome of the game could have been better but it was a beautiful day, Chris was able to watch it and even Conner went (so, I did not give Conner a choice). Avery played OK, he has played much better but hey.. it's his 1st game of the season!! I cant wait until the next game (where I will be sure to take lots more pictures)!

Oh.... and another sweet thing about Avery. He maybe ALL BOY but he really is my sweet kid!! He came home and said he went to a thrift store when we was at his dad's house and he got something for Kennedi... with him own money may I add.....

While pulling it out he says, "mom you know how Kennedi likes to play in the rain.... well now she can" and out comes a rain coat, IN HER SIZE and its a LADYBUG!!!!!! How awesome is that?!?!

Now when Kennedi wants to play in the rain (which is just about every time it rains) she will be able to... and in style!!!


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Kristin said...

Oh how sweet, Avery! What a good big brother. =)