Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring concert..... school is almost over!!

It's May, we have 15 more days of school until summer break and it can't come quick enough!!! I love the end of the school year and I think I love it more than the kids do!!

Last night we had Avery's spring concert for his strings class at school. He is now in his 2nd year playing guitar and he seems to like it. I really would like to do some outside lessons so he can really learn how to play. It has got to me hard to teach a classroom full of kids how to play different stringed instruments.

Here is a video from the other nights performance.....
Avery is in the back row, 2nd person in. Keep watching him... its kinda funny.

Disclaimer on the quality... I was watching Kennedi to my left while trying to record Avery so I did not get the best video.

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