Friday, May 7, 2010

Here we go again.....

Yup... it's May and that usually means that Grandma and Papa (my parents) are out of town for awhile. They have been gone for like a week and I have already gotten an email from my dad saying that I am not updating the blog enough. So Dad, this one is for you......

A few months back, in February actually, one of our two dogs left us to go to doggie heaven. It was a little rough on our other dog, Midnight, but she got lots of attention and perked up soon after. About a week or so after we lost Maverick we took Midnight to the vet for her annual exam and shots. She seemed to do well after this but a few days later we got a call from the vet telling us she had heart worms. Ok Lesson here.... DO NOT EVER, I mean NEVER let your dogs monthly heart worm pill lapse!!! I mean not even for a few months.... because a few months (maybe a year) is all it took!!! I know these can be deadly for a dog and we just lost one dog. There is no way we can lose another (is what I was thinking when talking to the vet).

So.... I listened to the vets plan and well... We followed it. Yup, that has meant keeping her in and still for the past month, taking her to the vets for some overnight visits with shots, and lots of medicines.

This week we took Midnight back for her last treatment!!! OK, so she only needed two separate treatments because she was not that far advanced, but it seems like we have been treating her forever.

She came home yesterday with her medicine that she will take for the next 5 days and she is just hanging out in her spot, behind the couch but she seems to be doing well. We have to keep her calm for at least 2 more weeks and then she is good to go and allowed to go out and chase the bunnies, squirrels and deer through the back yard.

I will have to take a few pictures to post of her in her pink bandanna with polka dots that she got from the groomer since she was also groomed while staying with the vet. Now.... we go back in 4-6 months for a retest to be sure they are all gone.

Thankfully, once again, we have a healthy, happy mutt that we love very much!!

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