Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Someone had a 6 month well check!

Ahh still can't believe it has been 6 months (well a little over) since Ryleigh was born. She is such a great baby, so beautiful with a wonderful personality!! Even when she gets her shots!! All 4 of them!!

Poor baby, 4 shots today... all the normal 6 months shots plus we gave her the flu shot. She is doing great with it all.

Ryleigh at 6 months:

14 lbs 6oz.... (21% )... she is little!!
26 inches long (61%)... tall and thin!!!
Head circumference 42 1/2cm (53%) lots of brains!

We were told that we need to take her to a pediatric orthopedic. She has some popping in one of her hips and although the pediatrician does not think it is anything major he said it should not still be doing that and wants us to get a baseline. He said most likely she will get checked out and then the orthopedic will want to see her again in 3 months to recheck.

Anyway..... 6 months old:
What is she doing new this month???
...she now has 2 bottom teeth
...combat crawls all over the place (and fast).
...tries to attack the cat (who is a great sport and just lays there)
...sits up a little for a little bit after we let go
...now sits and eats in her high chair
...eats, eats, eats, and eats!!
...still will NOT take a bottle or cup!! UGH

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