Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's your birthday....

It's your birthday....
I know I am late because last week was your birthday!!


I can't believe he is 14 already! Seems like yesterday I was holding that baby in my arms!!

Ave actually turned 14 on the 16th but I have been so far behind in the blog I did not even think about putting the birthday post up then.


I decided to save it until all his celebrations were done.....

We had the normal birthday dinner last week. Avery is so easy at times. When I asked him where he wanted to go for his dinner (it is always his choice) he chose Red Robin!

That caught me off guard. I expected something big. If I got to choose I would say Melting Pot or Fogo De Chao (two places I have never been). I guess I should be glad he is so easy when it comes to stuff like this.

So we went and then last night he had 3 of his buddies over to hang out and spend the night.

Another easy choice. He even told me that he didn't want a cake or gifts or anything. Well, on the cake I told him that was not an option ... what better excuse to have cake????

Hard to believe that this time next year I will have yet another driver in the house. How crazy is that?? Really, am I old enough to have 2 kids that drive????

Gotta love the candle or maybe that is a really big lighter!

Kennedi stayed up late so she could have a piece of the cake. There was no way she was going to bed until she got some. She had seen it earlier and asked to have a piece every 10 minutes or so. I told her when daddy got home we would have cake. She doesn't forget a thing! As soon as Chris walked in the door she went over to the counter and said, "daddy cake"!

another nice surprise was that Conner was home with us!! He had plans to go out but they fell through and so we were able to spend a little time with him. Well... he was home at least, even if we only saw him when we had cake because he was downstairs on his games most the time. But he was home!

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Kandi said...

That's funny about the cake and the "candle" we did the exact same thing for Cody's 14th Birthday Jan 9th :) I can't believe our kids are growing up so fast!!!