Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

Lets see if I can remember way back when!! I am tempted to back post just my life will seem in order but I think I will just let that go and write as I think..

Christmas Eve was a day when my boys were supposed to spend the day with their dad and be home by 4 for Church and stay the night home. Well their dad and step-mom had to work Christmas Eve so the boys stayed with me and after church celebrated with their dad and came home in time to go to sleep. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a child that drives??

Most of the day Christmas Eve we just sat around the house making lists of what all needed to be done that day and night to get ready for the big guy to visit. So I did some errand running, mostly Grocery store about 3 times!

The boys, girls and I went to mass in the afternoon. Chris had to work until 6 so he missed mass. I guess I technically did not make it to mass either. But I tried!! We went to the 4pm mass and of course it was a complete zoo. We knew that it would be going into it but I did not realize that there was NOT a nursery that mass. Ok insert some not so nice thoughts. So picture me, 2 teen boys, a 2 year old, 6 month old and no husband to help!! I sent my boys in to sit with my parents while the girls and I sat out in the narthex with the other 1000 people out there. Ok it was not really 1000 but it was so hot it seemed like there was that many.

Needless to say, we lasted about 15 minutes and left. The boys drove separately, have I said how nice it is to have a child that drives? So I guess I missed mass this year but hey you can only take so many "keep your toddler quiet and still please" looks. I guess I will make sure we go to a mass/church that has a nursery next year.

After mass I met everyone at my parents house to get a few pictures. Enter exhibit A...

A family photo. We really did not plan on the big boys and I dressing alike! Actually I did not even notice it until just now when I looked at the picture. Chris is wearing his very versatile scrub with a matching shirt to blend in with the girls' outfits! Very nice!

After the family photo the boys headed out to their Dads house for a few hours. Yes, once again, I am thankful for a child that drives!!!

Exhibit B...
The little girls!! I was going to put the 2-3 pictures we took before this one and the 1-2 after so you could see the progression of R going to the floor but decided against it. So here is one of the good shots of K holding R up.

When we got home the girls went to bed, we waited on the boys to get home and in the meantime the big guy paid a visit. I guess the kids were good this year. Hmmm I do not think anyone asked me about that!!

Exhibit C...
proof that there is a Santa and that he DID come visit this year.

Exhibit D...
My wonderful husband spends so much time making sure that the gifts from him are wrapped up tightly and neatly. Gotta love him!!

Exhibit E....

The Christmas Stockings that were way too heavy to hang by the chimney with care ... were filled with all the necessities: Deodorant, cologne, candy, gift cards, and of course... lottery tickets!

Exhibit F...
More proof that Santa paid a visit!!!
And apparently he found where the good stuff was kept. I guess he got tired of milk and hot chocolate.

I do believe that does wrap up Christmas Eve and the events that came with it.

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