Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Afternoon with the family....

I think the best way to describe my family's Christmas Celebration is best done by pictures... With a group as big as ours it is very hard to tell about them all in words.

Some of my nephews in their "ugly Christmas sweaters". Please keep in mind that these sweaters all belong to my 2 sisters. The questions are 1) Do my sister's still wear these? Hope not and 2) Why do these fit their kids so well?? You just never know what will happen when we get together.

Kennedi sipping her drink... all I can say is that it better be milk!

Conner waiting his turn in the White Elephant

Avery opened this in the white elephant... Sad thing is that its what he asked for as a Christmas gift... we are all still wondering why?!?!

My boys!!

Ryleigh in her 1st Christmas outfit...

Kennedi and her Godparents

Ryleigh and her Godparents

Here is Ryleigh, her cousin and Aunt...

We were finally able to take an almost complete family picture! Missing are my big boys (who had already gone to their dads for the night), and baby billy (who was asleep)....

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