Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas #3

We are now up to the final Christmas celebration of the season!! On December 30th we went down to Chris' parents to celebrate with them. They get together as a family on Christmas Day also but we are about 3 hours away so that would mean being on the road all day. Plus The boys switch from my house to their dads in the middle of the day Christmas so we find another day to tack onto the Christmas season.

It was a beautiful day out. The big boys were with their dad when we went down but Dakota was there to celebrate too.

One of the things that I got for Christmas from Chris was a lens for my camera. Some of these pictures were taken with that lens. I love it!! Now to take a few photography classes to help me even more.

We left the camera outside when we were opening gifts and did not realize it until after they were opened but we got some great shots outside of the kids playing.

Meme and R

MeMe and 3 of her grand kids

Dakota swinging. You can tell he is concentrating by the tongue hanging out.

The Big Girl!

Daddy and his girls. Tried to get Dakota in this one but he was all pictured out.

So I may be a little biased but what a beautiful face!!

Yup, more proof that I was there. A picture of K and me.

Papa and R

Papa and 3 of his grand kids...

Dakota was rockin out to his paper jams guitar


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