Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

This year was a special Christmas... It was R's 1st Christmas AND we were able to have the big boys wake up here Christmas morning. The down side of blended families, you do not always get the normal holidays so you make do with what you have!!

Christmas morning at the house was the first of two Christmas celebrations for the day and the first of 3 total. We did not have Dakota with us this year on Christmas but I will post later on that. That was celebration 3 of 3.

Oh, the boys were so excited to be up early! Now when I say early I mean like 800. All the kids slept in. I guess that was the advantage of having teens and then a toddler that did not fully understand. I am sure we will not have the luxury of sleeping in next year!

K was good for about the first 4 gifts. After that she was done and just wanted to play. Sounds good. She had gifts for the next few days that she was able to open.

Daddy got to help K open a gift or two before she gave up.

Con got some practical things this year... a liner for the trunk of the mustang!!

And Ave ... WAR EAGLE!!! Need I say more??

Avery got his yearly Lego creation. Even at 14 he still loves to do the harder sets. When I say harder I mean like 2000-5000 pieces!! He has a bookshelf in his room with all the things he has made. It is incredible!! He can sit in his room for hours working on the latest one.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift that Conner got!! A little background... he LOVE LOVE LOVES the Boston Red Sox... always has, well this is Ted Williams in his Red Sox uniform and under it is written... "Got will get you to the plate but once you are there, you are on your own"....

This one is just added as proof that I was at the Christmas Celebrations this year. I try to either avoid the camera or I am the one behind the camera. I am really trying to get into the pictures more so my kids know that I was around for all festivities!!

K LOVES to read. Here she is reading one of her many new books to the dog. I guess Midnight was the only one that would listen at this point.

R slept through most of the present opening but I had to take pictures of her when she was awake. Had to prove she did not completely sleep through her 1st Christmas!

Ahh the boys are getting ready to dig into their scavenger hunt prize. Each year Chris comes up with several clues for a scavenger hunt. At the end there is some sort of gift, some years big, some years small but the fun is watching the boys figure out where they have to go for the next clue.

This year even Chris got a surprise at the end!

Ok I think that wraps up Christmas morning at the house.... After this we relaxed a little more, the boys played some games after helping to clean up, and I got to cooking for Celebration #2 that afternoon.

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