Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st track meet!

First I have to apologize for the horrible quality of these pictures. I took these with a new lens I got for Christmas and on top of needing to learn how to use my camera, I have to learn how to use it with the new lens.

Anyway, C had his 1st track meet ever yesterday evening. He started to pole vault about a month ago, maybe 5 weeks ago and he has done great.

Here he is getting ready to go for the 1st time. I was a
bunch of nerves at this point!!


Up and away!!!

This was his 9.6 foot attempt and he made it on his 1st attempt.
I was thrilled and of course screamed when he made it!

He also made 10 foot on his 3rd attempt but he did not get 10'6". He has done that once in practice so I am sure he will get it next time!

Most of the pictures I got looked the same as these. I choose the ones where his form looked OK. I do have to say that is something he needs to work on. Whew, that part was bad but he is out there today practicing and working on form.

We have 2 meets this week and hopefully he will be able to jump in both of them. I cant wait to see how he progresses over the next few weeks!!


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