Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 County Champ for Pole Vault!!!!

Here is his video vaulting 10-6. This was his 2nd attempt at it. 10-6 was his PR in a meet. Well he did only vault in 1 other meet this season.

He then went to 11ft and missed his 3 attempts at that. One of the corrections he made was with his hands and on the 3rd attempt he didn't think about his feet because he was so worried about his hands. After he missed his dad wanted him to try the 11foot again for the heck of it.....
Here he is at 11foot!!

and he made it!! Of course it was too late but he knows now that he can do it! That is OK, he didn't need 11 feet yesterday. He won it with the 10-6!

So proud of you Con man!!! It takes a lot to get cut from a sport you love, turn to another immediately and do an exceptional job at that also!!

Now looking forward to his baseball double header on Sunday!!

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