Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Progress of the nursery

Hey everyone... I just wanted to post some pictures of the nursery. Becca came over today and spent a lot of time in Kennedi's room. It looks so good!!

The first three pictures are of parts of the blanket for Kennedi's crib. This is what I gave Becca for her to get ideas from. She has done an excellent job keeping with the theme and I am so happy with the way it is turning out. It will be a few weeks before I can post pictures of the next step in the process because when she comes back to finish I will be at the beach! that is going to be so hard to know its getting done and I can't see each step! She is going to Disney next week with her kids and she comes home 2 days before I leave for the beach. THANK YOU BECCA FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!

On another note Conner starts the state tournament this weekend for baseball. It's a week long tournament so starting Saturday we will be living and breathing baseball for at least 6 days. The championship game is Friday at 9pm. I hate that we could be playing ball on the 4th of July but that sure would beat the fireworks!!! GOOD LUCK SHARPSBURG NATIONALS!!!

ok now for the pictures..... enjoy!

here is the theme of the nursery... this is what I gave Becca for the ideas.

here is the wall under Kennedi's window...

these are ladybugs going up the window...

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