Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend update...

I just wanted to blog real fast in between loads of laundry to let everyone know that I am still here!! No Kennedi yet, but I sure do wish she would come soon.

I guess I am getting my mental state and body prepared for some sleepless nights because with the exception of last night, the past three I have gotten about 3 hours of sleep a night. I guess the benadryl helped me a lot last night. I felt great this morning when I woke up. Either that or my productivity around the house exhausted me so much that I slept well. Yesterday was a productive day for us. The yard looked horrible!! Chris was determined to get things looking better yesterday and spent much of the early morning fixing all the flower beds around the house. This is a tough job when you have a dog that love to dig in them! When I got up, which was soon after him I went out to keep him company. I actually talked him into letting me get on the riding mower to cut the grass while he push mowed and edged. He was not thrilled about it but I told him I would stay away from the hills and he let me! It was nice because it didn't take long to get all the outside work done. I am sure it was pretty funny looking to see someone that looked like she was going to pop on the mower.

After we were done we headed inside to do some cleaning. Chris has been trying to get me into the basement for a few months...OK... longer than that.. its been about 7 months, to go through some boxes we still had down there from the move. I was in a cleaning mood so I went through some yesterday!! YEAH! What actually made me do it was that my nephew is moving into his apartment at school today and he was going to take some of things in the basement that every college kids needs and we didnt use. You know.... beer mugs and shot glasses and maybe a place setting or two. Ok just kidding... we gave him some furniture we had in the basement. Going from 2 houses to one we had a ton down there. And it was a good excuse to clean out the basement. I cant wait to see how nice the apartment is going to be with all the stuff he needed.

I guess some think that I am getting into that nesting stage... whatever it takes at this point I suppose.

Needless to say we are all ready for Kennedi to be here. It seems like she is never going to come but then again I guess I do have like 15 days left or so. She is on her calendar.. not mine and I am sure it will be like that for many months to come.

I have been having some dull pains and my back is sore a lot. But, other than the Braxtin Hicks there have been no real contractions yet.

Conner just called me and mentioned that I still had 3 days left.... When I asked him what he was talking about (I thought maybe he got the due date wrong) he said I bet you she is born in 3 days at 458. Hmmm well if the kid is right he is going to start to help me with some lottery numbers!! When I asked him in the morning or at night on the 4:58 he said both. One twin will be born in the morning and the other that night.... OK that is a really bad joke in this house. THERE IS ONLY ONE IN THERE!!

Well time to get back to the laundry. I need to get it done so everyone has clean clothes to wear if Kennedi does come in 3 days (that would be July 30 at 458 am and pm).

Have a great week and I will update again after our appointment this week....

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