Friday, October 31, 2008

Kennedi's 1st Halloween and a few days before...

Hey everyone, its been a little while since I have updated the blog so this one maybe a little long but there are a lot of cute pictures of Kennedi to put in here...
These first two are added because I LOVE the dress she is wearing. This was a great find at a consignment shop that I often stop by. I rarely walk out of there without something for one of the kids in hand! She looked so cute dressed up for church in the dress with her little tights.

This past week Kennedi turned 12 weeks old. I have put some pictures that I took on Thursday (the actual day we got to celebrate the 12 week mark). We also got her 3 month pictures taken on Thursday. I can't wait to go back on Monday to view them. I am just worried on how much our purchase if going to cost us! It is so hard to go in there and NOT buy every picture they took. At least Chris will be there to help me decide what pictures to add to the collection.

This was also Kennedi's first Halloween. Of course she was so into it. At first Chris and I were not really planning on doing a whole lot. We were going to dress her up in her Auburn cheerleader outfit but then with Auburn not doing so great we thought we should make her first Halloween something better. We were actually doing some Christmas shopping the other day and we ran into what is now her costume. It was so cute, its a size 6-9 month so I thought she was going to swim in it. I was surprised when I got her home and it fit pretty well, it was a little big but nothing like I expected. We did not go to a lot of houses. We went to Kennedi's Aunt Karen's house but when we were sitting in the driveway we found out they were not home at the moment. So we took pictures in front of their house to prove we were there and headed to my other sister Barbie's house. Kennedi got lots of candy while we were there. She loved every bite of it too!! I think Reese's are her favorite so far! She is just like her mommy! Our last stop for the night was at Grandma and Papa's house where once again she got some candy!! I think she is set on candy for a little while. Here are some pictures of Kennedi throughout the day on her first Halloween. costume.

With Kennedi turning 12 weeks old this week it means that it is time for me to go back to work. My dreaded day is Monday and I hate to say it but I am not looking forward to it at all. I really hope that I will get used to leaving her behind. I think it is going to be extra hard (or I will feel extra guilt) because I stayed home with the boys but I also feel like I have to try to get out there again and work some. She will be in good hands next week and I am sure she will be spoiled! OK enough about all that.

I don't know how many times I have heard that Kennedi looks just like her daddy, I have to agree with them to an extent. I found the one picture of her and I as newborns that looked alike but have trouble seeing it in person. It is very hard to get past the cheeks that her and her daddy has. I came across this picture the other day and wanted to post it (its cute)....
of course it's cute... IT'S ME!! I think that maybe Kennedi is a really good mix of both of us but there are some pictures where its scary how much she looks like me! When she starts to crawl i will have to get a picture of her like the one above and really compare them!
Well I think I have rambled on long enough. I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!
Tara and Chris

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