Monday, October 13, 2008

A Typical Saturday

Well, this Saturday started out like many others..... Avery had yet another football game this week. Wow was I impressed with the progress he has made on the field. He is really proving that you do not have to be big to play football, just smart and aggressive. Maybe the $5.00 a tackle deal that Chris made with him helps a little too. As of right now we owe Avery 15.00 for this game and 10.00 for last weeks. Avery plays defense (on the line... I think it was nose guard) and he was directly across from a kid that was HUGE... OK I am so not exaggerating on this, this boy was taller and much heavier than I am!! I was very nervous when I saw this and for a few moments really wished that Avery would take up swimming or tennis or something like that. It did not take long for me to get back into the football excitement (and still hoping that Avery would figure a way to go UNDER the guys legs to escape being killed). Avery did a great job taking his man out of the play, going around him and then going in for the ball and getting those tackles! I was so proud of him!!

Avery walked off the field once again with a huge smile on his face and another check in the win column.... we won 12-0. He is still not liking practices (but who really does) but LOVES game days. I am not sure what he will do next fall (he talks about going back to soccer, staying with football or playing lacrosse)... with Avery you don't know until last minute... This summer, before sign ups, he went back and forth between football and soccer. He chose football so he could be like his big brother who also decided to play.

Moving on... after the game Chris, Conner, Avery, Kennedi and I headed to Auburn for the game (one we thought was in the bag). Conner and Avery had a great time tailgating (before and after the game) as did Chris and I. I can not say the same for the game itself... I am going to leave that alone!! Hopefully one of these days Auburn will pull through and win a game that we should win. If not.. I guess there is always next year!!

I guess that is all since I do not want to get into commenting on the game. I want to keep this blog kid friendly!!

Have a great one!


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