Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ahh Spring Break!!!

Let me just start out by saying... it is not fun to make a 10 hour drive through the night after working a 10 hour shift!!! That is what Chris told me yesterday. I have made the drive up here many many times through the night but this time it was so much harder. We arrived at the house about 6am Saturday morning. I was exhausted. Chris did almost all of the driving (thankfully) but I was not able to sleep because I knew that he must also be tired. But the kids were really good. Kennedi slept most of the drive as did Avery. Conner was awake for awhile but gave in and slept a lot!! Kennedi did so much better than I had expected. She would cry when she woke up and could not find her pacifier. This has pretty much been the norm the whole time we have been here. She has been a pretty good sleeper. I can only imagine how it is for a baby to switch gears and be in a strange place and a different bed. She has adjusted great!
Saturday we did not do a whole lot, of course we went to the beach and walked . Her is a picture of Daddy and Kennedi walking up the boards to the beach for Kennedi's first time. The boys actually brought the skim boards up and went into the water some. It was COLD!! Avery is in the water. CRAZY!! Of course we had to try Kennedi out in the sand to see how she would like it. I have posted some pictures of her... This is her first time making contact with the sand......and she loved it!! I would have thought it was going to go right into her mouth but that was not the case. I am sure this summer that will change! She was kind of funny because she would pick it up in handfuls with her left hand but her right hand she would use her two pincher fingers for the pick up.
I love this picture of Daddy and Kennedi. You do not have to tell me how much they look a like, I am aware of it!! Even though the water was really cold we had to let Kennedi see what the "big bathtub" was like. I predicted that she would scream because of the water temperature...
She stood in the water and really liked that too... The coldness did not seem to bother her at all! Chris takes her in a little further. I wish it had been warm so that we could have taken her in all the way. I guess I have to wait for summer for that!
Daddy... I want to go in the water some more!!
She had a great time.. I came to the conclusion that I am really going to have to watch her this summer at the beach. She will be really mobile by then (but hopefully not walking)... I guess I will get my exercise.
Here are some other pictures that we took on the beach...
I have absolutely no idea what Conner was doing but I had to add it in here..

and it would not be fair if I didn't add the same picture of Avery...
and the three kids relaxing in the dune....Tomorrow we are heading out for a few days at Busch Gardens. Conner cant stop talking about the roller coasters. We will see if he follows through and rides them all!!

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