Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kennedi stuff....

OK I totally forgot to blog about Miss. K!! Of course she did not get to ride anything while we were at Busch Gardens but she was such a good girl!! In fact, she has been wonderful the entire time. She has adjusted to the pack and play and being in a strange room (both at the house and at the hotel) and has been wonderful with not having her two usual long naps each day. She has napped in the stroller and has done great! She is getting a little bit of a cold we think. Poor thing has a very runny nose. I would think it was from the beach air (and still maybe) but who knows.
Lets see... while we have been here she has taken a few crawls. She moves her hands up, and will pull her legs in before going to her tummy for her combat crawl. She has that down great!!
Since we have been on vacation she has wanted big girl food a lot more! She has eaten little bites of our food when we have something soft enough. Today for her lunch she had ham and cheese. Chris cut it up of course and she LOVED it... here are some pictures of her first real food lunch! She is getting so big!!
Conner told me the other day that he did not want her to turn 1 (we still have a few months for that but its coming entirely too fast).....
OK I think that is all for the past few days!

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