Thursday, April 9, 2009

A few days of spring break.

Well lets see where I left off.....
......Monday morning Chris, the kids and I left the beach and headed to Williamsburg, Va for a few days. We found a hotel not far from Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens that had a suite for a really cheap rate. I was a little worried because of the rate but it turned out to be decent for the amount of time that we were going to spend there. It also had an indoor pool (but the kids didn't get in) and a game room (that they did get into). Sooo we left to go up and when we were almost there it started to rain, I mean rain really hard.. (figures). Anyway, we decided to stop by the hotel and see if we could check in (which we could). So we got settled and the rain soon stopped. We headed over to Busch Gardens about 11:00am. It was nice since there was almost no one there!! It rained on and off for about 2 hours but it was not bad. We rode the rides and had a lot of fun. The best part was that there were NO lines!! I love to go to parks but I loathe waiting in line for a 90 second ride! Conner and Chris were able to go on the best roller coaster like 10 times in a row!! They were in heaven.
I was also able to get a few pictures of the boys... I had to really talk them (especially Conner) into them since he is at that "cool" teenager stage.
Conner and Kennedi are stomping grapes into wine...
row row row your boat... ahh the things they do for their baby sister!!

Kennedi LOVES Elmo already so we had to get a picture of her in the King Elmo chair.This is where Conner drew the line but we did not even have to talk Avery into it.

The next day we went to Williamsburg. The boys were less than thrilled about this but I told them they had to do something educational over break. It was also very cold that day, the only cold cold day we had. We spent a few hours there walking around and looking in the shops and then headed out. After the boys said it was "OK".. yeah right.

The last day up there we went back to Busch Gardens. It was a nice day but boy was it crowded. We spent half the day there and then came back to the beach house. I think we all got spoiled with it being so empty on Monday that no one wanted to wait the 20 minutes it took in line to ride the rides. The rest of the week we are going to just hang out at the house and play on the beach some (there are people in the water today), then its back to reality on Saturday. The worst part of going home is that Chris works everyday for the rest of the month. He is not looking forward to 18 straight!! YUCK!!

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