Friday, September 25, 2009

a day in the park between rainstorms

Ahh finally some beautiful weather! I just hope it is not short lived.

As many of you know (because you live here), the Atlanta weather has been CRAZY! There was a lot of flooding and destruction last weekend. I do not remember it ever being as bad as it was. Thankfully it was not bad where we live. We did get a lot of rain but we were spared the flooding. Since the rain stopped the weather has been wonderful!!

We have been looking for a nice park to take K to for awhile now. Since she is walking all over I figure its time to get her out and let her have some fun. It took awhile but we found a park a town over. Its a pretty nice park, the floor is rubber so she can fall (which she has done many times) and she does not end up hurt or dirty!!

She LOVES to swing and slide. The first day we went it was just the two of us. It was hard to get pictures and take care of her running around so I did not get many. The next day (yesterday) Chris suggested we go before he had to head into work. It was a great idea. Kennedi had so much fun!!


Mommy... Daddy, I like these ducks... well as long as they stay on that side of the fence!

Daddy you hold me so those ducks cant get me!

First time on the slide all by myself!! She slid from the top to the bottom and LOVED it!

I love swings!!!


I guess this is going to be a relaxing weekend. Conner's baseball tournament was called due to the fields being flooded (or very very wet) and we are still waiting to hear about Avery's game. Cross your fingers for us that we will at least get that one in since he missed his game last week due to the swine!! Hmm maybe it will be a day in front of the TV enjoying some college football.

And now we sit and prepare for more rain. Yes that is correct despite the blue, partly cloudy skies today we are now under a flash flood warning until 5am on Sunday. So I guess we should be saying, "here comes the rain again"


Kami said...

I feel bad about being upset about the one day of rain we've had here! Holy moly that doesn't seem like any amount of fun!

How wonderful that you found a park that is so fun for your little one! I love the pictures :)

Nancy said...

She is so cute!!!!