Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's just another Saturday on the homefront

Ahh it is here once again! The rain I mean, well, it not here at the moment but earlier tonight it was. One road in my neighborhood was flooded when we came home from running an errand but other than that it really was not too bad, at least nothing compared to last weekend.

Now I am sitting home watching the Auburn game on TV. The boys decided they did not want to go to the game today. With it being a late game and the rain that was supposed to come in they decided the other day. I was a little bummed but at the same time OK with it. Chris had to work today so it would have been just the boys and I. It would have been a late drive home since it was a 6PM CT game and then ended up being delayed 30 minutes (again) because of rain. If we went it would have been another 2am night. Good Call kids!!!

Today was an easy sports day. With Conner's tournament being cancelled due to the rains last weekend we only had Avery's lacrosse game to go to. Avery played great! His team won 14-8 (I think it was) and of course Avery played defense. He loves it back there because, in his terms, "I can lay people out". Hey.. whatever it takes!! The boy is not even 70 lbs soaking wet and will take out boys twice his size.

Well I guess that is about all, I need to go out and pick up Conner from a friends house (at halftime) and then I am home for the night. Conner seems to never be home anymore. Friday nights he is at the football games and then Saturdays he is often over a friends house (or friends are here). I cant wait to get the basement finished so they will have a great place to go and hang out. We just need to sell that other house... any buyers out there?!?!

Have a great night, what is left of it!!

WAR EAGLE!! (now that I can say that since we are playing decent). You would not want to see or hear what I was saying a little earlier in the game!!

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