Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was a wet one

Yes it really was!

No I am no talking about Kennedi's diapers or the new kisses she has learned to give. Although they are both pretty wet most of the time.

I am talking about the Saturday (yesterday) that Chris and I spent out in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning over at Jordan Hare Stadium (Pat Dye Field) watching our my very favorite Auburn Tigers take on those not so favorite West Virginia Mountaineers.

As many if you know, Chris and I have Auburn season tickets. Chris is not getting closer to being an Auburn fan and I most definitely am a fan. Well I am a fan when they are not playing like the other thing often in Kennedi's wet diaper. When that is the case I am still a fan but a not so happy one.

The way they played last night is another post in itself so I will stick to the topic. Yes, it rained, and rained, thunder and lightninged (if that is a word), and rained more and the wind blew. Actually at one point I was thinking that maybe there was a pop up hurricane in the middle of Alabama. It was crazy to say the least. The stadium was evacuated, well they made an announcement to leave the seating area, but no one could go anywhere. I think they need to really rethink their evacuation plan for severe weather.

After a little bit of a weather delay the game was finally able to start. Of course it was a 645pm game Central time! Whew late game already and then even later. Those are rough!

So the game starts and we (meaning Auburn) look like that stuff in Kennedi's diaper for awhile, actually most of the game. It's a good thing that our defense could catch last night (yes I said defense and catch together) because they really could not tackle. We did end up winning but it was not looking promising for a good amount of the time.

I wanted to take a bunch of pictures at the game since we do not know how many more we will be able to make with Conner's baseball schedule, Avery's lacrosse schedule and Chris' work schedule but that was put on the back burner since I wanted to be able to use my camera again for the other activities mentioned above.

It was a fun, but frustrating, day and game. We made it home in the wee hours of the morning but still in time for Chris to get a few hours of sleep before leaving for a 12 hour shift in the ER. As for me, I am home with Kennedi getting lots of the newly learned kisses and changing many many of those wet diapers, wanting a much needed nap (me not kennedi) and of course not getting that. Now it is almost time to pick up the boys from their dads and count down the minutes hours until bedtime when I will be able to catch up on some of that rest!

On another note, Avery is feeling much much better from his bout with the piggy H1N1 virus that he cough last week. I think it maybe school time again for him tomorrow. Lucky Avery escapes the H1N1 vaccine when it comes out next month.

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