Wednesday, October 7, 2009

at least it's not the flu again!

Avery felt great last night and then again this morning when he woke up. He decided that he would be able to go to school so he went through his morning routine and headed out to the front porch to wait for the bus. It was raining here again this morning (I know that is so hard to believe) so he stayed covered.

Avery and Conner are heading to their dads house today after school and will be home tomorrow. I got a text from his dad saying that he was on his way to pick up Avery and that he had a doctors appointment at noon. Poor kid!! His head and throat was hurting him.

When I got to the doctor there we no indications that he was sick. He was running a little bit of a temp but nothing much but with all that he was still talking a mile a minute.

We went back into the room and Kennedi saw the nurse and must have thought "oh crap" (Kennedi, not the nurse) and she ran to me and hung on to me. I guess she has a great memory. The past few times we have been to the doctor with her she has gotten shots. I guess now it registered. It was so nice to have Kennedi holding me tightly while sitting in my lap, since that never happens.

Anyway, Avery is all clear and only has a sinus infection. Sheesh this has been a pain!! We have NEVER EVER gotten the flu shot before and he has been sick with something since a week after we had gotten it. I know it is just coincidence but man that is bad timing.

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Kami said...

What a bummer for your family! We don't do the flu shot either. My husband does, but the kids and I don't - and I truly don't want to! Here's praying that health comes quickly for your family!!