Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It always happens to Avery...

My poor Avery..... two weeks ago he had the swine H1N1 flu and strep throat at the same time. Then last night he started to complain that his throat hurt again. I figured this was an excuse to get out of school until I felt his head. He had a fever once again of 101.3. No school for Avery! But that was not all for last night.

Apparently while I was rocking Kennedi last night he had a chair fall on his foot. I had no idea this happened. He said he screamed and called for me but I guess being almost totally deaf in one ear has its advantages (it is a lot easier to tune kids out). So he hobbles up to my room a little while later and while showing me his wounded foot, he leaned back and whacked his head on my bed's foot board. I look at him trying to hold back my laughter (but of course I didn't) and said, "well I guess your foot doesn't hurt anymore." Its OK, he cracked up then too.

So Avery got a day off of school today. He woke this morning and was ok but very tired. Of course that 24 hour fever rule was in effect. He slept most of the day today and then did some school work that his teachers emailed me. Yes I was a mean mom and made him do work while he was home sick.

As it stands now, Avery is OK, going back to school tomorrow and I am holding my breath wondering if and who that little virus will hit next.

Conner had his baseball conditioning today and came home completely worn out. He said it was a rough day! I love it that they are getting their tales worked.

Kennedi had a great day in school today. She cried for about 30 seconds when I left her and when I picked her back up 4 hours later she was playing so nicely. Her teacher said he did great and didn't cry during the day!! Oh, its the little things that I so appreciate!

Here is what she wore to school today... So cute!!

Kennedi and Daddy (before Daddy left for work)

The rear view of her outfit (it is the back of the cows)

Daddy and Kennedi again

Kennedi dancing. Whenever she hears music she busts out in dance

Trying to get the camera

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Nancy said...

Oh no! Poor Avery! Hope he is feeling better soon.

Kennedi is so freakin' cute!