Sunday, November 29, 2009

The New Addition!

To start off with... this is NOT, I repeat NOT a new addition for our house!! My dad has wanted another dog for a long time and my mom has said.. NO, NO, NO. Well actually she said that if dad got another dog, she was packing her bags. Funny thing is when MOM can in the door HOLDING THE DOG, she turned to Kennedi and said, "Kennedi, see Grandma's new dog?"

Ummmmm. I THINK NOT!! THAT IS PAPA'S NEW DOG!! I think he is happy he finally won!!!

It all started the day after Thanksgiving when my parents came over to the house and dad blurts out, "mom agreed to another dog IF it was a Pomeranian". Of course no one believed him at first with all the comments she has made about IF he brought home another dog. But she admitted it in front of witnesses. There was no turning back for her now!! They have had a Pomeranian once before and her name was Peanut. She was actually a Big Pom compared to this 4 pound baby.

Her name is Pamela, she is 5 years old and 4 pounds.... She is spayed, housebroken and AKC registered. She is so cute (and I am not at all a small dog person).

Poor baby has to get used to a lot of new things, a dog and a cat at Grandma's and a visiting 15 month old! Good thing she is used to an 18 month old that visited her old house!!

We hope that Grandma and Papa do get some sleep tonight and that Pammie, Pam, Pamela or Puppy gets a little sleep too!! Papa, DO NOT keep that poor dog up and on your lap all night long!!


Kami said...

I am a pomeranian lover at heart - I've always told my family that's the only kind of dog we can get (which works out well for me because they all want a huge dog!). Definitely a cutie! :)

inadvertent farmer said...

Love dogs. Good for your dad for being persistent! Kim

Nancy said...

Aww! She's cute!