Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving, The Iron Bowl and such....

I have been so bad about blogging lately. I realize this and still have not sat down to do anything about it.

This week went by so fast. The boys were off of school and we had a lot going on. So much that I actually had my camera with me most of the week and forgot to take any pictures. I think part of that is when I realized I did not have any pictures of the things going on my camera did not work correctly. I need a new one and its on my Christmas list but I am not crossing my fingers on it. However, Chris did promise me that by the time Conner graduated from high school I will have the camera I want. So.... only 3 years to wait (at the most).

Lets see, Thanksgiving.... hmm... holidays are not what they used to be I guess. I still love them but Chris worked on Thanksgiving so it was just Kennedi and I hanging out at the house all day. I have to admit that it felt like just another day to us. We picked the boys up at 3 and then headed up to the north side of Atlanta to my brother's house. They had a good portion of my family for dinner. We hit it at dessert (what better time!). We got there, ate some dessert and then I ate some of the leftover turkey. It was sooo good. Of course we had to head home right about the time the turkey was kicking in so I was a little tired on the ride home.

Poor Chris sent me a message from work that day telling me that the cafeteria at the hospital was not even open so he was stuck with a peanut butter sandwich and then golden grahams for dessert. What a way to spend a holiday! I think its horrible that people are stuck working on a holiday and they do not even get to eat. Thankfully he is off on Christmas so at least then we will have a good meal on the actual holiday as a family!

Chris did get his Thanksgiving dinner, just a day late. Last Christmas, Santa brought Chris a turkey fryer and Friday we decided to take it out and use it... FOR THE FIRST TIME! I had never had fried turkey before and when I looked at it after it was cooked I was not sure about it. When I bit into a piece he cut, it was great!! We will be frying our turkey for our Christmas dinner this year! Again, part of my family came over to have some food and enjoy a football game.

Kennedi and her cousin Bryan cheering on Auburn! (and that is all of the pictures from the week)

After we got the turkey done and we ate it was game time!! The game we wait all year for... THE IRON BOWL (Auburn vs Alabama). Ok maybe not all year since Chris is a Georgia fan and I am an Auburn fan, that maybe the game we wait all year for.... but I digress. I have to admit going into the game I figured that we were going to get stomped. I mean really, a high school team could have beaten Auburn this year and now we had to play the #2 team in the nation... like we have a chance. Oh it was good!!! I wont go into all the details (mainly because my memory for detail is not good) but we were extremely close to the upset! But... we did not get it and that is OK. We played a closer game than anyone thought and now... there is always next year!!!

So, now it is Sunday, a day of getting ready to head back to school in the morning. Conner has spent a good portion of the day reading a book he was supposed to read over break (and started last night). And Avery and I went on the hunt for guitar strings to replace the one his teacher broke the last week of school. Wow I already miss break!! I guess it is time to sit and relax and get ready for another typical week with kids!!

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Nancy said...

That's a bummer you spent Thanksgiving alone and Chris was at work :( But you are right, arriving at dessert time is great! Your turkey sounds yummy! You'll have to take photos of your Christmas one!