Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Christmas Present!!

Ahhhh I got an early Christmas present from Chris and the kids!!! I have wanted a new camera for a long time and did not think it would be any time soon when I got this camera. A few days before our trip to Florida, Chris talked to the boys and let them decide if they should give me my Christmas present early or wait until Christmas.

They made a great choice (on both the gift and the idea of giving it to me early).

I got a new camera!!! YAY!!

I have to admit it is not the one I wanted but I LOVE this camera. This is actually so much better than the one I wanted. I am so thankful that Chris is a researcher and will do his homework before getting me something. He told me he had been looking and researching for about 4 months on this.

.....he did promise that I would get one before Conner graduated from high school. He did it with 3 years to spare. I should be able to take some great pictures by the time Conner graduates! I actually can not wait to take advantage of the free classes that come with the camera. I think I have found a new hobby.

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