Friday, April 30, 2010

3-D ultrasound of Ryleigh

Last night Chris, Avery, my parents and I went to take a look at the cute chubby cheeked ultra sound pictures. Conner opted to stay home, I guess at 15 there are better things to do. I knew that Ryleigh would have some chubby cheeks (all babies do) but wow does she have some chubby cheeks!!

I guess Ryleigh is already learning to yell at her older brothers and sister! A great shot of her hand and arm...
her little itty bitty foot...
I love the way she help her hand under her chin!
Well only 11 more weeks and she will be here! I hope it passes quickly!!

Chris worked most of the day in her nursery getting it ready. He drove to the north side and picked up the furniture, came home and painted the room and then moved all the furniture up to her room. It looks great!! I will take and post pictures of the new room soon. I want to get out and buy the mattress (one of the few things we need to buy this time around) and get the bed set up and then the pictures will come.

Enjoy the first few pictures of the new addition!!

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