Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sicknesses and failed tests.....

What a week, and it is only Tuesday!!!

Conner has bronchitis, Kennedi has an ear infection and I cant pass a darn test to save my life!!

At the moment, Avery is my normal child... wait, have I ever said that before?? Usually, Avery is my challenge or my tough one but right now he is my wonderful one! OK he is always wonderful, just like the others but he likes to throw some kinks in there. He keeps it interesting.

Now... back to the subject....

Many months ago I failed a test, the pregnancy test. OK so that is not really a fail but I was not thrilled about the idea of being pregnant again for the first few months.

Now I got the call that I failed another test....

Yup, that one hour glucose test. I failed! So... now what??

I get to go sit at the doctors for 3 hours tomorrow morning. I know you are jealous, that sounds so fun! To sit there, drink some horrible stuff and get poked with needles for 3 hours!


Whew, now I am used to test anxiety since I suffered from it in school. I think that test anxiety is even worse now knowing that the possibility is there and that I may have to give up some of my favorite things for the next 11 weeks.

Well, I guess we do what we gotta do and in the big picture 11 weeks is not that long but the test anxiety is definitely there!!

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