Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost 33 week Doctors Appointment....

Whew long morning!!

My appointment this week was at 8:30am. I knew that they would do a fasting glucose on me and then I would see the doctor. I did get a nice surprise when I got in there and they drew the 1st sample of blood, they told me that I could stay or go out and get something to eat but that I needed to be back in the office by 10am. JACKPOT!! I was not confined like I thought I would be!

Well I guess I will take the good with the bad... OK not bad, just unexpected.

I go run some errands and enjoy an egg and cheese biscuit. It is kind of hard to enjoy the biscuit when I kept thinking... please let this not shoot my blood sugar up too much!

So, did some things I needed to do and was back to the office by 9:45. They called me back eventually. I went through all the normal stuff, got weighed (nothing gained), BP (120/70), they took my book where I record blood sugars (ick) and made a copy, then I headed into room 3. I waited for the nurse to come in for only a few minutes. She came in measured my big belly (measuring right on), listened to the heartbeat (beating at 148) and then looked through some paper work.

Here comes the unexpected... she told me that I needed to come in and have a fetal non-stress test done every week. hmmm Why?? She said it was protocol for gestational diabetes and that it should have been started at 30 weeks. Hmm, OK this is the 1st I have heard about this. I was told that they will hook me up to a monitor and then do an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid. One snag, no sonographer on Thursdays!!

So we go ahead and one of the ladies that works there takes me into a little room with a recliner, hooks me up to a monitor and then I ask how long I would be hooked up. She said probably about 30 minutes. WHAT! That's too long!! I told her that I needed to have blood drawn in 10 minutes (2 hours after I ate) and she said ok.

For the next 30 minutes or so I got to sit in a recliner, have the blood draw come to me, and have the doctor come to me. It was not so bad... quiet and relaxing!! I almost could have taken a nap!!

Doctor came in and said everything looked good. She was not worried about my sugar levels since I was still adjusting to the insulin (WHEW) and that I needed to come back for the ultrasound and another fasting blood sugar on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then she said I will do this every week!

Whew... get ready for some long appointments!!!

I think we all have a child that we can look at and say, "if you were the 1st, you would be an only child". Well I thought that I had that child already (love you Avery).... Nope..... this is THAT child!!

I have always joked that Avery was my challenge. Recently I have been joking how Kennedi makes Avery look like an angel. Now I am wondering what it will be like in 2 years.... will Kennedi look like the angel???

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