Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Weeee," says Kennedi!

The other day Chris and I went shopping. Chris LOVES to shop!! (Can you sense the sarcasm)? Actually he doesnt mind it and I do not have him go with me too often but Kennedi really needed some things to play with outside. She is really hurting for the big things.

We headed to a few consignment stores and sales and we did pretty good. We still have a few things on the list that we want to get her but she was excited to see one thing we got.

checking out her new slide...

it took her about 20 seconds to figure out what to do

here she goes!

climbing back up, the wrong way of course!

yes, I know I cut off half her body. I wanted to get a picture of her new teva's. I spent a lot of money of these (a whole 1.00 at the sale) so I wanted to be sure I got a picture. She loves them and they have ladybugs all over the straps.

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Nancy said...

Wow, look at her climb up that slide! Go K! Love the little Teva's, too cute. Noah has some cute hand me downs that he grew out of last year. I hope I find some good $1 ones!