Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another big first today!!!

I had my follow up doctors appointment today from the events of last week. It went as good as it could I suppose. They took blood to see if my pregnancy hormone levels were down and then to check the blood count. I will get the results tomorrow afternoon. The doctor told me to stay on pre-natal vitamins in case we wanted to try again soon (something we have not really talked about at this point). But other than that I guess I am good to go unless the levels are not down and I think I will have to go back to get more blood drawn in a week or so.

That was not the first that I was talking about. While I was at the doctor I left the boys home with Kennedi. I put her to bed right before I left and I was hoping that she would sleep the whole time I was gone. Well... no such luck. I knew the boys would be fine with her but I was still really nervous. Avery has changed her dirty diapers before but not without gagging (a lot) and Conner will not go near a diaper (dirty or just wet). Well that was until today. Conner texted me to let me know that she was awake and I replied for him to change her diaper and play with her. He was good with that. I then asked if it was a dirty diaper or a wet diaper. Haha... he told me it was dirty and then I said ok and Avery changed it... haha again.... nope.. Conner did!!!

Conner changed his very first dirty diaper (well not his diaper but Kennedi's)!!!!

Come to find out that Avery tried to change it and gagged so much that Conner had to take over. I am so proud of him!! Hmm I guess that I can start to leave him home with Kennedi a little more often..... nah!!!

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Nancy said...

that's awesome! your boys are great helpers.