Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day of firsts!!!

Wow what a day yesterday was. Chris was off of work so he and I took the boys to six flags for an almost family day. Kennedi ended up staying at grandma and papa's house for some of the day.

Usually when we go to six flags, or any other amusement park, it is Chris, Conner and I riding rides, Avery staying in line with us only to walk through and wait at the exit. After getting off the ride the next few minutes usually consists of Conner being horrible to Avery about how he is too scared to ride anything and that it was a waste for him to come. Well that all changed this year (and yesterday for much of the rides). Two weeks ago when Chris took the boys to six flags Avery decided to ride a roller coater he had never ridden. At six flags there was only one other coaster he would ride (the mind bender). They got in line for the Georgia Cyclone (an old wooden coaster for those of you who do not get to go to six flags) and when they got off the ride I got a call from Avery telling me he rode it, but not sure he liked it because it was rough. I thought that I would get calls from time to time telling me he rode more than that coaster but nope... no calls.

As I said we took the boys back yesterday and I was shocked!! Avery rode every roller coaster we did. The only one we did not ride was Goliath. We had all (but Avery) ridden this many times and did not want to wait in the line for it. We HATE lines!! Most of the other rides we walked right on, or waited 15 minutes or less. Avery said he would not ride that one from the start so I was ok with skipping that. It was so nice to have Avery ride all the roller coasters with us and to have Conner not badger him about being scared. It made for a much less than normal stress level for one of our outings. Now there was still stress, how can there not be when Conner and Avery are together. Typical brothers!!!!! I think that by the end of the season Avery will try Goliath but we won't push it!

Another first for yesterday is that Kennedi took a step. Oh help me!! I was holding her and she was standing facing daddy. Daddy put his arms out and she stepped our of my hands and into his arms about a foot away. After the step she dropped to her knees and of course when we tried to get her to do it again she decided to play that she had rubber legs. That was another funny site!! Never thought that at 10 months she would be taking a step here and there. I kinda hope that she does not realize it is much easier than crawling (for a little while at least).

Kennedi has also gotten another tooth... she now has 4 teeth total, 3 bottom and 1 top. There also appears to be another bottom tooth trying to pop through. Maybe in a few days she will have one more!!

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