Sunday, May 30, 2010

A few videos

I just transferred some videos from the flip to the computer nad figured I would put a coupld on here....

There is one that I REALLY REALLY want to put on here but Conner would KILL me. Chris and I had him clean up Kennedi's toy room one day when he was helping us around the house. We took a video of him playing with a few of her toys. Ok he was not playing with them but he was putting her puzzles together. I asked him if I could post it and he said... absolutely not! So you can just imagine him in it.


Kennedi is a jumper! She hops all over the place. Today she tried jumping down the steps.

This one is a little long but it is Kennedi going over some of the signs she knows.

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Nancy said...

She is so stinking cute! My favorite sign is monkey of course but bird was pretty cute too. Oh and the girl who comes to my house after school is 18 and I caught her playing with Noah's music toys! LOL!