Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kennedi's new ride...

Chris did not have to work until this afternoon so we hopped in the car this morning and drove by a few yard sales. I am not much for doing this but I think maybe I could get used to it.

We stopped by one that had a kitchen set that was priced at 60.00. They told us they would take 40.00. We almost got it but decided not to, we could always go back to get it if it was still there.

We drove down the road a little and saw another one that had some outside toys. Chris spotted a Barbie Jeep right away. If you know Chris, you know that he is a jeep guy! He has a jeep that he is about to give up in November when Conner turns 16 (it was his idea). He went right to the jeep (and so did Kennedi). The guy told us it was 50.00 and that it still worked (charger and battery were right there). Then the guy said or make me an offer so I do not have to take it back inside. Of course Chris like this (he is also a bargainer.. which I hate to do). So he offered the guy 40.00.... SOLD!

Kennedi is now the owner of a new (to her), 40.00, Power Wheels Barbie Jeep... and she LOVES it.

I guess the next step is going to be Chris being the new (either new or new to him) owner of yet another jeep... more to come on that one later...

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Nancy said...

Kennedi looks so cute in her little pink jeep (and it looks like there's room for her baby sister when she gets bigger!).

Have you tried Freecycle? Its awesome because so many people want to get rid of toys their kids have grown out of and its free!