Sunday, June 13, 2010

A big week!!

Not for me but for my oldest.... he and 17 other teens along with 5 adults are heading out on a mission trip.

I am so excited for him and he told me today that he was excited for Tuesday (when they leave). He has never done anything like this before and I cant wait until it is over and he comes home and tells me all about it.

They leave Tuesday and head about 2 hours north to work in a town where people are not as fortunate as we are. They will be staying in a school and working on homes, schools, churches (whatever they need to do). They will be doing yard work, painting, fixing and interacting with the people of the town. I really hope that they get to spend some time with kids and see how happy these kids are and how thankful they are for what little they have. I think that my teen (and many others) need to see how lucky they are for the things they have. I know that I spoil my kids and I really wish they saw all the extras we provide.

I think the hardest part is going to be that they can not take cell phones with them. I am not sure I have ever gone that long without talking or texting with him. Last night he and I were in the car and it hit him that I am due in 4 weeks and the baby can really come at any time. He really sounded upset when he told me that the baby would probably come while he was away and that he would not even be able to see a picture of her. Then he got on his phone and made sure the youth minister that was going was able to get picture messages on her phone. Whew... crisis averted.

So this week (Tuesday through Sunday), say a little (or a lot of) prayers for those kids and adults that will be on this trip.

Proud of you Conner for wanting to be a part of this!! I hope that you get every bit out of this trip as you want to!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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Kristin said...

I hope Conner has a great time!!